MIL02 – “Kokoda VC” Edition


Category Military

"KOKODA" this tribute print is Australian folk law, "The Kokoda Track" is a famous part of Austalian history to this day, as many Australians still go to walk the track and show there respect.
This print features 3 photos of the Kokoda story, the Soliders in camp, the famous and heroic "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angles" and "The Golden Stairs" - Imita Ridge.
The detailed text on this print tells a brief story and history behind the Kokoda Legend, The Kokoda Campaign, The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angles, The Battle of Isurava.
This is a stunning tribute to all those who lost there lives in Papua New Guinea against the Japanese 10,000 strong South Seas Force.
This piece comes beautifully custom framed, the print has a COA (certificate of authenticity) approx size 960mm x 660mm

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